Chocolate Yogurt Bowl

If you start eating one thing because of me, let it be yogurt bowls like this one 🍓🥰🤩
I post these on my story all the time but they def deserve a post of their own💖

Ik, Ik Greek yogurt isn’t very popular among most people but that’s because they’re doing it wrong! If you add in the right stuff and top it accordingly, Greek yogurt becomes a dream 💭 ⭐️if you’re dairy free or vegan, feel free to apply the same methods to a yogurt substitute!!

dEATs on how I make mine

(Mix ins)
-1 cup yogurt (my fav is fage 0%)
-1 Tbsp cocoa powder
-couple drops stevia
-1/2 cup frozen berries (the frozen texture is amazing)
-cocoa nibs
-brown rice cereal (not pictured)
-baked good (here I have my banana bread (recipe on blog) but I also love using my chocolate cake or whatever else I have on hand)


Yogurt bowl above including all toppings: cals 225 fat 2g carbs 33g protein 27g

If you make it right, it feels like you’re eat once ice cream 🍦 def give it a try!! Plus, yogurt bowls make such great snacks and sometimes even meals! (There’s been a few days where I had 3😂) so easy to mix it up and get variation

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