Birthday Cake Oatmeal

Been celebrating every morning with this cake batter oatmeal for the past 2 years 🧁✨💖 why? bc u really have to celebrate the little things in life and bc it legit tastes like the yellow box cake mix, so it’s basically like I’m eating cake every morning. I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING birthday cake flavored so this is automatically a fav of mine.

I posted a highlight in my instagram stories (@fitfoodieliving) with a step by step on how I make this cause it could get a little confusing. The egg whites sound strange but trust me! They make the oats thiccc and fluffy while also adding extra protein and volume 🙂


✰ 50g oats (5/8 cup)
✰ water to cover oats (~5/8 cup for me)
✰ 92g (1/3 cup) egg whites
✰ 21g (2/3 scoop) @pescience cake pop protein powder
✰ 16g (1 Tbsp) cashew butter
✰ sprinkle sea salt
1. Add oats and water to bowl and microwave for 1 min 30s.
2. Add egg whites, stir, and microwave another 30 min.
3. Stir again and microwave 1 min.
4. Add protein and mix it in.
5. Top, if desired.
*check highlights for step by step


Cals 416 fat 12.5g carb 39.5G protein 34.5g

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