Christmas Protein Peanut Butter Blondies

It’s the after thanksgiving and you know what that means…..CHRISTMAS MODE!! 🎄 🎅 ☃️ ❤️ kicking off this Christmas szn with these peanut butter blondies 🥜 🤩 These are sooo fudgy, full of flavor and super customizable (macros are pretty great too)! I decided to add red and green m&m’s and sprinkles, and chocolate chipsContinue reading “Christmas Protein Peanut Butter Blondies”

Protein Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Donuts

Have a sweet craving but need protein? Donut worry, I gotchu!! 🍩💖 (~100 CAL 13g protein with toppings) FLUFFY PUMPKIN SNICKERDOODLE DONUTS topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch🍩 🤩 🎃 swipe to see the fluff 🤗 gave these to a few people and they kinda fell in love, couldn’t tell they were healthy or even hadContinue reading “Protein Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Donuts”

Strawberry Shortcake Banana Bread

Going bananas over this berry amazing strawberry shortcake banana bread 🍓 🍌 🤩 The texture of this one is awesome! Super moist and fudgy and the flavor of the fresh strawberry in the frosting really pulls through 🥰 Recipe (Banana Bread) 2 Bananas 1 Whole Egg 1 Egg White 1/3 Cup Granulated Sweetener 1 tspContinue reading “Strawberry Shortcake Banana Bread”

Chocolate Cauliflower Oats

if you’re looking for a berryyy good, quick and easy breakfast this chocolate oatmeal bowl is the way to go! 💜Ended up having this for lunch today because breakfast for lunch/dinner is the best 🤩🔥I always make my oats in the microwave because it’s so easy and I love the consistency (I always add eggContinue reading “Chocolate Cauliflower Oats”

Pumpkin Blondies

If there’s one recipe that has me (fall)in’ in love this #pumpkinszn, I think it might be this one 🍁 🎃 Pumpkin Puree (not pumpkin pie filling)- makes the cake super fudgey and adds tons of nutrients like Vitamin A. Eggs- helps create structure! Can sub for flax egg if vegan. Granulated Sweetener- I used monkContinue reading “Pumpkin Blondies”

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

“Reese”ently made a creation that tastes like the peanut butter cups we know and love! I know a lot of people had the “banana bread phase” of quarantine, but I think this is a stage that I will be in forever (especially after creating this recipe)! Wasn’t really sure how well this recipe was gonnaContinue reading “Peanut Butter Banana Bread”