Protein S’mores Brownies

Almost burned my kitchen down while making these, but was still left wanting s’more 🍫🤩❤️ [PROTEIN FUDGY SMORES BROWNIES ~ 90 CAL] These brownies may be my new fav thing I’ve made, but smores have always been a go to for me❤️ Be wary, though, that parchment paper usually catches fire if it comes inContinue reading “Protein S’mores Brownies”

Brownie Skillet

goin kinda cocoa over this brownie skillet! 🍫 [400 cal for WHOLE THING] very simple and easy to make too! Ingredients Greek Yogurt- makes the brownie fudgey and adds tons of protein (can sub any dairy free yogurt). Eggs- helps create structure! Can sub for flax egg if vegan. Granulated Sweetener- I used monk fruitContinue reading “Brownie Skillet”