Hiiii :)) I’m Liv!

I’m a certified personal trainer and two of my favorite joys in the world are fitness and good food. Believe it or not, these two things go hand in hand! After years of trial and error, I’ve been able to connect the two into a balanced lifestyle as I work toward my goals.

Taking what I’ve learned from being a foodie and an athlete my entire life, my goal is to help people live their lives to the fullest by supporting them as they work toward a healthier version of themselves.



I offer a range of services to cater to you and your goals. I truly believe an approach backed by science will deliver the results you’ve been after for as long as you could remember. Every(body) is different so we will find what works for you personally. Whether it be be goals centered around physical fitness, nutrition, or both, you can be one step closer to becoming the best version of you!


Our bodies were made to move! After finding exercises you enjoy and sticking to them, your body will thank you. From boosting mood, energy, and sleep quality, to preventing negative health conditions, it’s safe to say getting active is crucial for both mental and physical health.  Together, we can cater exercise to your goals whether it be weight loss, building muscle, or simply being healthier.


The foundation of health starts in the kitchen but eating healthy does not have to be boring! Incorporating fun foods into a diet centered around whole foods is key, but you should love the food you eat on the daily. I create fun and exciting recipes and meal plans that fuel you and satisfy your inner foodie. 


It seems like every health article gives contradicting info, making it so hard to pin point the “right way” to do things. Truth is, it’s different for everyone. I’ll help you find what works for you as you transition toward a balanced lifestyle that is unique to you, and only you.

How Can I Help You?

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Let’s start working toward your goals today!

Love yourself enough to create the best version of yourself. Be the healthiest, happiest you and Liv your best life.

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